Services Provided

● Cognitive Behavior Therapy:
We utilize cognitive behavior therapy, a structured psychological treatment approach which focuses on how an individual's cognitions, feelings, behaviors, and physiological responses are connected and how they influence daily functioning.  Intervention is problem-focused and goal-oriented, with an emphasis on the development of coping skills.

● Behavior Therapy and Applied Behavior Analysis:
We also use behavior therapy and applied behavior analysis, treatment approaches that examine antecedent and consequent events and how these influence the occurrence of inappropriate and/or problematic behavior.  Once the function of the behavior is determined, intervention focuses on developing alternative, more appropriate respones to achieve the same function.

● Parenting Skills Training:
In parenting skills training, parents are taught to examine their child's behavior relative to their own.  The importance of understanding child development, temperament, and the function of behavior are stressed.  Training focuses on enhancing positive parenting behavior specific to the child and parental concerns, including using positive consequences, providing directions, setting limits, and communicating effectively.

● Psychological Testing:
We offer psychological testing which provides an assessment of cognitive and academic skills for children and adolescents with suspected learning problems and/or attentional concerns, for high school students who may need testing accommodations on standardized examinations (e.g., SAT), and for children who demonstrate significant language impairments (e.g., children on the autism spectrum) and require testing using nonverbal measures.

● Consultation:
We provide consultation with other professionals working with the child or adolescent including neurologists, occupational therapists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, school personnel, and speech and language pathologists on an as-needed basis during assessment and evaluation, intervention, and educational decision-making.  We are available to conduct in-school behavioral observations, to attend CPSE and CSE meetings, and to conduct workshops.    [email protected]    (914) 235-2800